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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Final Grey Speedo Boy Post

These are my last Grey Speedo Boy pics. See tags to see all the pics of him. If there is a more complete collection of GSB images in the web, I don't know about it :-)

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Anonymous said...

Who is Grey Speedo Boy? Frankly, who is he and where does he cum from? Ive been in love with GSB ever since I saw him about 8 yrs ago! He is sooo fucking hot! I wonder if he is still this frigging hot! Does anybody know him? Or does anybody know where he is from? Its a dream of mine to hang with GSB. I WONDER IF THERE IS ANYBODY OUT THERE WHO KNOWS OH SHIT sorry. If anybody knows where to find GSB Ill pay $50,000,000 to whom ever hooks me up wits GSB!!!!! Thanks

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